Gold and Green


My pulse was racing and knees were weak

I knocked the door then tried to speak

Though I’ve tongue of silver, and nerves of steel                  

I stood in silence at what was revealed

A figure tall , with every grace

An arresting vision was her face

her neck a pillar,her lips a vow,

Her flesh so tender,Her head unbowed.

She brought me back to confidence

with subtle cues and competence

Our co-conspiratorial whispers

led to the moment in which I kissed her

The passion felt – reflected keen

In eyes  flecked gold on bluish green.

Author: Steven William Robinson

Steven William Robinson is a former paratrooper, bodyguard, and Commercial fisherman. Having recently decided to take it a little easier he is now focusing on his writing. While owning a small family farm in Northern California, he still enjoys traveling, spending time with his children, and mooning over the love of his life, Taysha Robinson.His preferred writings are opinion-pieces, poetry, and meta-physics. When not writing, Steven spends his time weight lifting, practicing Brazilian Jujitsu,And musing over meta-physics and philosophy. He can be reached at

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