Where to….

In thinking of my future goals, and all intentions aimed,

It seems I’ve lead myself astray and torn apart my seams.

I wandered oft, and far astray, and stumbled like the lamed,

And found myself buried deep and far from all my dreams.

Sometimes I take a big step back,

And wonder at my scene.

considering my wayward track,

that put me in between,

All the love I didn’t lack,

and all my future schemes.

‘Where to?’ I often ask myself,

When thinking towards the day.

When maybe I’ll arrive somewhere

Somewhere that I will stay.

Never again to contemplate,

‘Where to?’ , oh God, I pray.

Author: Steven William Robinson

Steven William Robinson is a former paratrooper, bodyguard, and Commercial fisherman. Having recently decided to take it a little easier he is now focusing on his writing. While owning a small family farm in Northern California, he still enjoys traveling, spending time with his children, and mooning over the love of his life, Taysha Robinson.His preferred writings are opinion-pieces, poetry, and meta-physics. When not writing, Steven spends his time weight lifting, practicing Brazilian Jujitsu,And musing over meta-physics and philosophy. He can be reached at theanswer75@outlook.com

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